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Our Last Muster 

August 25th, 2013

It was a smaller sized muster this month with quite a few of the riders/horses out of action.  The members who did attend started of the day with a session of troup drill.  Later on the groups would have lessons with Nadine in flatwork, Richelle in showjumping and Debbie for cross country.  Riders were also allowed to work on the theory side of their certificate books in a lesson with Alison.

February 26th, 2012

We didn't huey turn on the weather for our first full day muster for the year. Although the rain held out on the sunday for the muster it did rain quite heavily the night before putting quite a lot of members off coming to the muster. Those that did turn up were given some showjumping and cross country preparation in the arena. All of the riders did a fantastic job over some quite difficult obstacles. The day finished off with a small group of riders going around the cross country course. The next muster will be on the 26th March with a few of our instructors and members going off to compete elsewhere. Please remember that it is very important that you let us know if you are either attending or not attending a muster so that we can cater for you both in the canteen and for lessons.  Cheers Prew

August 22nd, 2010

We were short a few riders this muster but we still achieved a lot. Started off the day with some flatwork then moved into some bounce pony, flagging. Just before lunch we had a talk about horse health and what we can do to help prevent injury to our horses with the gear we use. During lunch the Junior committee had their meeting. After Lunch we took the horses out on cross country where the riders did some great riding. We also did some showjumping working on rythum and straightness. Eleisha and I worked on our routine to music with the big boys Red & Hedley. Could be very interesting come the end of the year! Unfortunately Sabrina was unable to practice her quadrille due to most of the 6 riders not being at the muster.

August 1st, 2010

Our last preparation muster before the ODE. A good attendance with 4 groups running on the day. Sabrina our club captain started to train 6 riders for a musical quadrille routine to be displayed later in the year. While they were working on that the rest of the riders warmed up with some troop drill. The showjumping lesson was directed at riding corners. (As many of you know it's my pet hate when riders cut the corner in showjumping!!!) We also worked on the bottom portion of the cross country as well as the ditch by request! Some fine tuning was done on some novelty events.

June 27th, 2010

A good turn out for our muster with a few families having fun at the Zone camp and some away on school holidays. I would like to say well done to the riders some fantastic jumping on the grid and hopefully all of those competing next weekend at our jump day will have a little more confidence going into that event. We had a go and some sporting events with my old horse even getting a run maybe one day she will act her age (probably not!) On cross country today we tackled the challenge of riding ideal time with everyone riding better times by the end of the lesson. Our next muster is on SATURDAY the 31st July starting at 8.30am. Finally a big Thank You! to all the members that came to our working bee on Saturday it makes these jobs much easier with lots of hands.

May 23rd, 2010

A great turn out including some more new members. We started the day off as usual with presentation and gear check then moved on into some troop drill. All the riders did a great job with many of the riders doing it for the first time. We also practiced a small showjumping course designed by our newest course builder 'Eleisha' (Thank you Leish!) The riders rode the course then we worked on how they could ride it better. Then it was time to ride the jump off course. I think this was a great exercise to get the riders thinking about the lines they ride in showjumping. At lunch time we all worked on our certificate books getting us a little closer to the next certificate and patch. Our next muster will be the week before our showjumping day in July so we will be getting in some more practice for that one as well as some great fun games.

March 28th, 2010

What a muster! Another great turn out and a very full day of activities. As Richelle was away this weekend we enlisted the help of Ami, Trudy & Eleisha to do some coaching. I think this was a nice change for the riders. We also welcomed back Amanda on her new horse Montana & a new member Tony on her horse Irish. We did a good variety of activities including some flatwork, showjumping, an obstacle course with a little suprise from the easter bunny!, cross country (with some fantastic riding by everyone!!!), sporting events (practicing for the upcoming Darra Oxley gmkhana). At lunch time we had a discussion on hoof care, shoeing/trimming and how the hoof can effect the horses performance. The next muster will be on the 18th April starting again at 8.30am. For those member's wishing to ride at the JF McGill your attendance will not be affected for muster attendance as this is a zone event.   

February 14th, 2010

It was a very hot day on Sunday but I think everyone had a great time. We had almost as many new riders as we had old. Over the course of the day we did a range of activities including bending in pairs (an excellent effort by all rider for this difficult activity), flatwork, showjumping grid, cross country (the water jump got the workout with a few horses deiciding that it was a little scary but all went in eventually) and we finished off the day with some bombproofing activities (walking over a tarp, the rolling ball and moving large traffic cones). During lunch the riders completed their muster quiz's as well as voting for the new club captain 'Sabrina' and vice captain 'Amanda'. There was some great jumping by the riders and I'm looking forward to seeing them ride at the showjumping day next weekend. The next muster will be the 28th March, 8.30am start. See you there!

January 31st, 2010

This was our first muster for the year as well as our sign on. It was great to see some faces from last year as well as many new faces. We started off a little later in the day after a sausage sizzle with some fun warm up exercises. Then we did some pole work just a taste of a little showjumping. A bit of fun with some large traffic cones and a couple of flags. Ending of the day we took a little run around a few parts of the cross country couse. We are all looking forward to our next (full day) muster on the 14th February. Remember our working be on the 13th February. If you can't make it to this working be there will be other things that will need doing before the march clinic on the 13th & 14th March.

November 20th - 22nd, 2009

Our camp at Twighlight Grove at Esk. Most people arrived on friday afternoon and after setting up camp we had a great dinner made by Liz. (Yummy!!)  On saturday morning we headed off to Somerset Dam for some swimming and hamburgers on the BBQ. The water was fabulous in the heat of the day. Saturday we took off with the very eager horses for a ride in the state forest which backs onto the Twighlight Grove property. 2500acres of trails to choose from. Saturday night was party night presenting our end of year trophies with a big dinner. Sunday morning we headed out for a longer ride in the state forest and found a lot of new tracks we didn't see on saturday. I'm sure you could go for a whole day or more out there. After lunch many headed home but I went up the road to swim my horse in a dam which was the perfect end to the camp. Next year the camp will hopefully be for a week in school holidays with all our members.

October 18th, 2009

Today was our Ribbon Day. Unfortunately we only had 6 riders participating but all had a great time it was a really fun day. We completed a mini ODE with everyone doing a dressage test. short course cross country and a showjumping course. We then ran a Jigsaw showjumping pairs competition. After a great lunch we did some sporting events and finally our fancy dress competition. It was a fantastic day and I'm looking forward to next years ribbon day.

September 27th, 2009

This was our last muster to practise for the Ribbon Day on the 18th October. I am looking forward to the ribbon day especially the fancy dress at the end of the day.

August 30th, 2009

We had great weather for our muster today. Working on a range of events that we will be doing at our Ribbon Day in October. First of all riding a dressage test and knowing where the letters are, jumping a combination of showjumps in a small course, also we practised putting a combination of cross country jumps together in a course. We finished off the day with a bit of right angle bounce. During the lunch break we talked about the fancy dress part of the ribbon day with many riders coming up with some fantastic ideas. Our horsemastership session today was on the heat of summer on horses and riders. We discussed ways to help ourselves as well as our horses cope with the heat when out and about. The next muster is the 27th September starting @ 8.30am.

July 19th, 2009

With riders going to Fig Tree Pocket ODE next week we concentrated on the ODE phases also helping our riders for our upcoming Ribbon Day. The quiz this month got all riders thinking. We also practised some plaiting on manes and tails. The spud race was a good bit of fun also a practise for our Ribbon Day. The next muster is the 30th August starting @ 9am.

June 20th, 2009

We had a smaller rider number due to the muster being on a saturday this month but it gave one of our instructors Richelle a great chance to get some work in on her own horse.

Starting the day off with some flatwork, moving onto asking for a transition of pace next to a marker as you would in a dressage test. Following that we did some showjumping grid work. With all riders pushing up the high they have been riding at and looking fantastic. Especially Chelsea & Lollipop jumping almost 75cm. Well done!

After lunch and doing our quiz we discussed first aid for horses and everyone had a go at bandaging a horses leg. Thanks to Lollipop for being very co-operative. We then tacked up again and did a bit of flagging then headed out on the cross country working on jumps from the oxers to the ditch.

The next muster will be the 19th July, starting @ 9am.

May 24th, 2009

Due to the wet weather we had a non-horse muster at the Karana Downs Country Club.

We completed a very in depth look at feed types, requirements, quantities as well as suppliments and feed for both young and aging horses. Also covered was rugging the how's, when's and why's as well as what size.

April 26th, 2009

At this muster we got everyone doing their flatwork is a rider class format. We also worked on some sporting events for the upcoming gymkhana at bremer and jumping a course to prepare for our own showjumping day on the 3rd May. Our horsemastership session was on rider position and balance in relation to the horse.

At the end of the day our members were shown how to give a tetanus / strangles booster. Four of our members successfully needled their horses, for some of them it was their first time so well done.

Our next muster will be the 24th May starting at 8.30am.

March 22nd, 2009

Short a few numbers today but we still got a lot done.

Flatwork was followed by some showjumping practise working on getting the right leads over the jumps & working on keeping our horse balanced.

Our horsemastership lesson today was on the horse skeleton and superficial muscles. I think all riders were suprised at just how many bones there are.

At lunch time the kids got another quiz under their belt then went off to have their first junior committee meeting, voting Sabrina Nicholetts as their club captain.

After lunch we played a game passing water between cups whilst on horse back proving that the slower you go the more water you save to wet someone with!!

The kids then had a quick turn at barrells then went out on cross country.

They started off at the old bridge oxers & trakener, then the road works jump all repaired after the big rains, then a quick run up the hill to the log pile.

I think a good day in all we got a quick sprinkle of rain but it didn't bother us at all.

 February 22nd, 2009

 This was our first muster for the year.

We welcomed back old members and new, as well as our instructor Richelle's new baby Mahalah!

With the usual gear check and presentation over we began with some flatwork to work out the holiday bugs from both horse and rider.

Followed by some theory on the footfalls of the horse and some showjumping.

During the lunch break the riders did the first of the muster quizes for the year. Well done to 2 of our riders getting 10/10. Great scores all round though.

After lunch as one big group we took on a few of the cross country jumps just to see if we remember how it goes just a giggle to two.

Then finished off with a game of red rover (bullrush) and some creative troop drill in pairs over and around some obstacles.

All seemed to have a great day including the instructors.

Next muster will be on the 22nd March @ 8am. Hopefully the ground will be a little dryer for this one.


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